Sprouted Tangy Lemon Lentil Soup

April 27, 2011

This flavorful and tangy soup will keep you healthy and full any time of year. Lentils are loaded with fiber and protein, lemons are loaded with vitamin C and pizazz! Lentils don’t get any better then when they are combined with this perfect combination of tang and love.

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Quick & Healthy Soup Recipes #1

April 12, 2011

Anyone who knows me knows I love soup. I really do. Soup is a passion of mine. I love all kinds of soups from hearty winter soups, to light and fresh cold spring soups. I eat a bowl of soup just about everyday.

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Magic Pill For Weight Loss Just Discovered

March 22, 2011

Now that I got your attention I am going to tell you that there is no magic pill for weight loss. Believe me, I would have found it by now if there was one. There is no magic diet, no magic exercise routine, nor a magic surgery. I wish I could tell you that acupuncture is the magical missing link but alas, it is not the answer either.

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Depressed? Then Move Your Liver Qi!

February 27, 2011

A lot of people ask me if acupuncture can help treat depression. The short answer is yes but each individual has a unique set of symptoms that are clues into to the root cause of those symptoms. Here is a general description of how Chinese Medicine works for depression.

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Natural Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

November 07, 2010

Suffering from dry skin? How about an itchy dry throat? The recent weather changes in Southern California have been a great conversation starter but have left me (and I’m sure some of you) with dry and irritated skin. In Chinese Medicine Fall is the time of the metal element which rules the Lung and Large Intestine meridians.

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Got Back Pain?

August 25, 2010

Then why not try acupuncture? Recent studies have shown that acupuncture can significantly help to decrease back pain and improve mobility in some people. Not only can acupuncture decrease your back pain but it could also help you to sleep better, be happier, and even give you more energy!

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5 Ways to Manage Neck Pain Naturally

August 14, 2010

Most if not all of us have experienced neck pain at some point in our lives. For some it is short lived acute pain lasting only a day or two, for others the pain becomes chronic and unbearable lasting months, even years if left untreated.

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Mmm Mmm Smoothies

June 26, 2010

One of my husband’s all time favorite treat is a creamy strawberry smoothie. I enjoy making him this treat because 1. it puts a huge smile on his face and 2. I know he is eating something natural and healthy without added sugar or chemicals.

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Yey Asparagus!

June 05, 2010

This week lets celebrate asparagus because it’s such an awesome veggie. You are probably wondering why asparagus so amazing. Well, besides the fact that it comes in 2 colors (white and green), asparagus is packed with lots of healthy nutrients.

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Headache & Migraine Sufferers Get Relief with Acupuncture

May 12, 2010

Most people at some point in their life will suffer from a headache. The pain could be as mild as slight tension or an annoying throb, to as severe as feeling like your brain is being stabbed over and over again with a knife. For some people the headache may last just a few minutes, and for others, it could lasts weeks or even months.

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Acupuncture & Herbs Can Help Improve Thyroid Function

January 18, 2010

Ever wonder why you are so tired all of the time? Do you have trouble concentrating? Are you cold and achy? Are you finding that you do not enjoy the things that used to make you happy? Why they heck have you been gaining weight even though you eat right and exercise daily? Are you depressed? If you are having these feelings it is important to know that you are not alone. There are literally thousands of people with symptoms of hypothyroidism with blood tests that do not reveal anything out of the ordinary. Why is this happening to so many people and what can be done for those who have no explanation for their symptoms?

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Tis the Season For Stuffy Nose, Itchy Skin, and Watery Eyes

November 11, 2009

Autumn is here and the Santa Ana winds are blowing pollen, dust, and mold through the air causing peoples allergies to act up. An allergy attack can feel like a cold or flu leaving you feeling miserable. Headaches from sinus pressure are common as well as runny nose, itching, sneezing, and coughing. Before you go to the drugstore and purchase antihistamines here are 5 natural things you can do to keep your allergies in check this season.

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