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Acupuncture could Double your Chances of Becoming Pregnant with IVF

Hooray! Another study on acupuncture makes the news. 

A research study 3 years in the making suggests acupuncture could double your chances of having a baby with IVF. 

The study included a total of 160 couples undergoing IVF treatments. Approximately half of those couples were assigned acupuncture treatments during the IVF cycle while the other half received no acupuncture.

The acupuncture group achieved pregnancy rates of 46.2% compared to 21.7% of pregnancy rates of those who did not have acupuncture. 

For acupuncturists this comes as no surprise since many of us witness the profound benefits of acupuncture on a daily basis in our clinics. It's studies like these that are helping acupuncture become more accepted and bring us closer to understanding how and why acupuncture works in scientific terms. 

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Are you currently undergoing or thinking about IVF? I specialize in acupuncture for IVF and would be happy to explain the procedure and how acupuncture works. As an extra bonus if you live in the Bay Area I'm available to perform acupuncture on site at your fertility clinic the day of transfer. 







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