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Winter Wonderland

With a vast drop in temperature, darker skies and rainy days, winter is the most yin of all the seasons. It is associated with the kidney and bladder organs, the color black, the element water, the emotion fear, and salty and bitter flavors.

According to Daoist philosophy, disease can be prevented by living within the laws of nature. When the seasons change, our routine should change to match the season. 

If we don’t adapt to change now, we may face health problems in the future. In other words, how healthy you are now is a direct result of how you behaved in the past. 

As it gets colder protect your body with warm clothing, warm foods and warm beverages. Pay extra attention to your head, neck, low back and feet. These areas are susceptible to winter’s wind and cold. Even in modest climates, it’s important to keep these areas covered.

Bitter flavored winter greens cooked with a little salt will keep your kidney energy strong.

As the nights become longer retreat indoors, wind down, go to bed early and wake up later.

Winter is a good time to start a meditation practice, journal, write down your dreams and spend more time alone. Be still, exhale and meditate. 

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Dr. Dawna Ara is an acupuncturist, herbalist, functional medicine practitioner, a mom, wife, writer, foodie and nature lover. She teaches her patients how to live a healthy lifestyle.