You Win Some & You Lose Some

April 05, 2015

Photo by Nathan Rupert

Would you like to know the difference between winners and losers in life? It sure isn't that winners don't have losses or that they have all the luck. In fact sometimes they have even more failures or worse luck and other things that do not go right for them. Hard to believe but it is true. The winner takes more risks and tries more things. But most important, the winner knows how to handle loss.

Here’s how the winner deals with loss:

1. The winner is not afraid of failure - fear is not his/her enemy. The winner gets over a loss fast. Not getting caught in the quicksand of despair, the winner says a fast "damn" and moves on to the next opportunity.

2. The winner tries to learn from every mistake AND failure. Instead of putting his/her self down, the winner seeks information on the mistake and makes plans to do it differently next time.

3. The winner turns defeat into victory. They know the real enemy is not failure, but missed opportunity when you don’t even try. (When you don't shoot, you miss 100% of the time!!!) The winner sees the defeat as a setback and prepares for a comeback.

4. The winner sees life as a series of opportunities. The loser sees life as a series of problems.

5. The winner tiptoes through life. The loser ploughs through life.

6. The winner knows that each loss is a step closer to the next victory. All the great baseball batters in history make more outs than hits. However, they remember their hits and not their outs.

7. The winner accepts loss as a reality just as troubles are a reality of life. The law of gravity is a reality. The winner knows that it is how one handles reality that makes the difference.

8. The winner makes stars out of scars and lemonade out of lemons.

    How do you handle loss?


    Photo Credit: Nathan Rupert

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