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To Flu Shot or Not to Flu Shot?

There has been quite a bit of debate going on regarding the new H1N1 aka swine flu vaccine. Some are saying its a necessity, that every man, woman, and child need to get the shot in order to survive. But why then if it is so important are some of our top doctors and nurses willing to lose their jobs over their right to NOT get the flu shot?

As usual, the answer is complicated. With all the hype and attention the swine flu has gotten you would think we would have enough information to all be experts by now. The reality is that there has been so much false information tangled up with the truth that it has been nearly impossible to make an educated decision. So in a better effort to help you decide if the flu shot is right for you, I have added some links from reliable sources for you to view.

Read what the experts at flu.gov and what the Center for Disease Control are saying about the issue, or what the World Health Organization is saying about the vaccine.

A little note on the healing benefits of Chinese Medicine. Whether you decide to get the flu shot or not, Chinese Medicine can help your body protect itself from getting sick. Chinese Medicine works by strengthening what is weak, and sedating what is excess. This means that if you get sick often because your immune system is low (weakness), it can help you build up your body’s natural defense mechanisms so you have the strength to fight off the flu (excess) with or without help from the flu vaccine.

If you decide not to get the flu shot Chinese Medicine can help you keep your immune system up and your body strong. If you do get the flu shot, it can help make sure you and the flu shot are working together in harmony to keep invaders out. Of course always consult your primary care physician before making any major health decisions.

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