Tele-Health Appointments

Online Herbal Appointments

There are many routes to wellness

Acupuncture, cupping, bodywork & moxibustion are all powerful medicines that I use to help people feel better everyday. But did you know I also offer tele-health appointments using modalities that can be done in your own home? Many people choose tele-health appointments when they can’t come in to my office but need help or guidance treating their symptoms. During a tele-health appointment we will go over your needs and desired outcomes. From there your appointment will include an herbal recommendation, nutrition and lifestyle guidance, energy work and guided self acupressure. 

Herbal consultations

Herbal medicine is incredibly intricate and beautiful. So much is taken into consideration when I prescribe and blend an herbal formula for you. Two people with the same symptoms may get completely different herbs. This is because herbalists don’t just treat symptoms, we look to treat the root of those symptoms. A tele-health appointment will eliminate the headache and expense of buying herbs at the store hoping they’ll work for you.  

Nutrition and lifestyle guidance

One of my favorite things in life is talking about food as medicine. While some conditions get better by going gluten and dairy free, it can get a little more tricky than that. Eastern medicine focuses not only on micronutrients and things like inflammation, but also how the taste and temperatures of certain foods can affect the body. We also take into consideration the person’s constitution, their genetic makeup, as well as their lifestyle and environment. A Tele-Health appointment gives us time to talk about these things and come up with a plan that’s unique to you and the specific symptoms you are experiencing.

Energy Work

Energy work is just that, energy. I offer distance Reiki, guided breath work and Qi gong. Qi gong is an ancient healing practice that uses specific breathing techniques and exercises in order to bring about health. Qi Gong means to cultivate life energy. The slow moving exercises are similar to tai chi, and can be used to support overall wellbeing as well as treat specific conditions such as digestive issues, fatigue, insomnia, depression, anxiety, stress and pain. 

Guided self acupressure

Pressing specific points on your body can have a profound effect on your overall health. I commonly teach patients how to reduce stress, improve their digestion or “lift their spirits” using acupressure points. I will explain how to find certain points, how long to hold them and what pressure is needed to stimulate the point.


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