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Creamy Carrot Soup for Better Skin

Carrots are one of the oldest cultivated vegetables. A staple in most cuisines, the white, yellow and purple varieties were first cultivated in Afghanistan around 3000BC. The modern, sweeter and bright yellow and orange varieties were created in the Netherlands around the 16th century. 


Roasted Potato & Bacon Soup

Bacon? Yep, I said bacon. Bacon in moderation won’t ruin your health, especially if you buy organic nitrate free fresh from the Farmer’s market. It adds so much taste and unexpected crunch to the soup you’ll be glad you got over your fear of saturated fat. So here we go:


Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

I always stock my kitchen with butternut squash. Although technically it’s a fruit, butternut squash is often referred to as a vegetable. It can be purchased year round at my local Farmer’s Market but I especially love to eat it during the winter months when I can make a warming soup out of it.


Ni Hao Noodle Soup

Ni Hao Noodle Soup is one of my morning favorites. A bowl of soup for breakfast will warm you up and fill up your belly. This particular soup is so fantastic because it tastes good, it is healthy, and you don’t have to be a graduate of culinary school to make it.