10 Tips to Help You Say Farewell to Anger

April 16, 2015

Do you have a temper? Is your fuse too short? Are you an exploder or an imploder? Do you ever get mad, upset, enraged or have a temper-tantrum? Do you need to tame your tongue? Are you a yeller or screamer? Do others like your anger? Do you like your anger?

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6 Benefits of a Regular Yoga Practice

April 09, 2015

There are a ton of great benefits to having a yoga practice, and it is in the regularity of your practice that you will find these benefits in their most potent form.

“Regular” doesn’t mean practicing yoga daily either. You could practice once a week, it’s the significance of your putting aside that time to practice every week which is a huge step towards reaping all the yummy, great stuff yoga has to offer. Your body and mind will sink into that routine and be able to snack on it all week long.

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You Win Some & You Lose Some

April 05, 2015

Would you like to know the difference between winners and losers in life? It sure isn't that winners don't have losses or that they have all the luck. In fact sometimes they have even more failures or worse luck and other things that do not go right for them. Hard to believe but it is true. The winner takes more risks and tries more things. But most important, the winner knows how to handle loss.

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The Power of Belief

July 13, 2013

Photo by Dede Flemming

When people find out I’m an acupuncturist one of the first things they say to me is whether or not they believe in acupuncture. I often hear people say things like, “Oh fantastic! I’m a real believer in acupuncture!” Or they politely say they think acupuncture is a bunch of hocus pocus hogwash.

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Rediscover Your Love For Biking

June 27, 2013

Every kid loves to ride their bike. Seriously, have you ever seen a grumpy kid riding their bike? No, they all have humongous smiles on their faces. They can ride for hours and hours laughing and smiling and breathing fresh air until the sun goes down and their mom calls them home for dinner.

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5 Natural Ways to Beat the Heat without Air Conditioning

May 04, 2011

It’s hot out and I can hear Angelinos groaning about it all over the city today. Whatever you do, do not turn that AC on!

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Magic Pill For Weight Loss Just Discovered

March 22, 2011

Now that I got your attention I am going to tell you that there is no magic pill for weight loss. Believe me, I would have found it by now if there was one. There is no magic diet, no magic exercise routine, nor a magic surgery. I wish I could tell you that acupuncture is the magical missing link but alas, it is not the answer either.

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Depressed? Then Move Your Liver Qi!

February 27, 2011

A lot of people ask me if acupuncture can help treat depression. The short answer is yes but each individual has a unique set of symptoms that are clues into to the root cause of those symptoms. Here is a general description of how Chinese Medicine works for depression.

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Natural Ways to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

November 07, 2010

Suffering from dry skin? How about an itchy dry throat? The recent weather changes in Southern California have been a great conversation starter but have left me (and I’m sure some of you) with dry and irritated skin. In Chinese Medicine Fall is the time of the metal element which rules the Lung and Large Intestine meridians.

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Tis the Season For Stuffy Nose, Itchy Skin, and Watery Eyes

November 11, 2009

Autumn is here and the Santa Ana winds are blowing pollen, dust, and mold through the air causing peoples allergies to act up. An allergy attack can feel like a cold or flu leaving you feeling miserable. Headaches from sinus pressure are common as well as runny nose, itching, sneezing, and coughing. Before you go to the drugstore and purchase antihistamines here are 5 natural things you can do to keep your allergies in check this season.

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